What does our retirement savings plan offer?

Our Retirement Savings Plan is an International Pension Plan (IPP) designed to fulfil the needs of internationally mobile seafarers.

We offer pension and savings options globally, where some jurisdictions may not.

The Retirement Savings Plan is owned by the trustee. This means the retirement plan simply follows you when you move between employers, around the world.


Payments into the plan are known as ‘contributions’, You can pay us directly or payments can be done through payroll.
You or your employer can make regular or one off payments via your employer’s payroll plus it may be possible to transfer in funds from other pensions or savings plans. The minimum contribution amount, whether paid by members, employers or a combination of both, is USD 100 (or currency equivalent). There is no maximum limit.

Contribution holidays allow you to stop making payments to the Plan with no financial penalties.

Multi-Currency – In or Out

Your contribution can be made from most countries in the world and in MOST, but not ALL currencies. If you make a payment in a currency that is not available in the plan, we will convert it for you, to one that is.

Lump sum payments can also be withdrawn to bank accounts in most countries in the world. See ‘accessing your savings

Investing Your Money

The Seafarers Retirement Savings Fund (SRSF) is a ‘lifestyle’ investment strategy managing the level of risk a plan member is prepared to take based on their stage of life.

Younger plan members are invested in growth assets such as equities.
As members grow older & retirement approaches, the investment mix gradually becomes more conservative by moving into less volatile, more ‘secure assets’, such as fixed interest securities.
See ‘What does the SRSF invest in?’ Fund selection.

Track Your Investment Anywhere, Anytime

Using Zurich’s ‘ZIO’ online platform, seafarers can keep track of their plan any time, anywhere in the world. Through ZIO you can:
Provided By
  • View your personal details and amend specific information including address, telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Nominate or change details of beneficiaries
  • Use the ‘Rate of Return Calculator’ to see how your contributions and investments are performing

More Information on ZIOLogin

  • View the current and historic values of the individual policies within your Plan as well as its overall value
  • View details of your Plan, including contributions paid, current investment strategy and changes of investment
  • Change how your existing funds are invested and/or change how future contributions will be invested
  • View and download documents including the Plan Guides and servicing forms
  • Access your Plan Fund Centre, which has details of the funds available for your Plan
  • Produce reports and statements

Plan Fees & Taxation

  • 1.85% pa – One simple plan fee
  • No leaving fees
  • No joining fees
  • No Contribution fees unless making telegraphic transfer payments.
  • Your investment is tax exempt in the Isle of Man. This is because Zurich International Life Limited is incorporated in the Isle of Man.

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