The simple way
to save for the future

The International Seafarers Retirement Savings Plan.

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The simple way to save for the future

The International Seafarers Retirement Savings Plan.

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No hidden fees
One low cost fee
Fully International
No sponsoring employer required

Why Start Saving Early

The sooner you start investing the more your money is likely to grow because of the effect of compounding.

The money you save earns interest on previously accumulated interest, which should lead to an ever-increasing rate of growth. Saving small amounts early may leave you better off than saving a larger amount later.

For most seafarers starting early and enrolling in a retirement savings plan can be an important step towards achieving your long-term goals for later in life.

Member financial planning support Saving and the Power of Compounding

What You Need To Know

Helping you save.

Our savings plans is the first of its kind, specifically designed for seafarers. With us you get a retirement savings plan that stays with you, not with your employer.

How it works

Working with employers & owners.

Created to offer employers and owners a retirement savings plan that is simple to set up and maintain. Are you interested to know how ISRSP can improve recruitment and retention of your employees?

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Behind The Scenes
Why save with ISRSP?

Provided by Zurich
International Life Limited

Regulated by the Isle of Man
Financial Services Authority

Frequently Asked Questions

The Plan is available to seafarers of all nationalities except Isle of Man residents (Please note that other eligibility conditions may apply from time to time).

This will depend upon the laws in operation in the country where you are resident, but most countries allow their residents to own multiple pension plans all at the same time.

Your ISRSP Plan is personal to you. You own it. So, if you move to a new employer, your ISRSP Plan automatically moves with you.

Extremely easy. All you need to do is to register with Zurich’s online portal, ZIO, and then you will be able to manage and keep track of your Plan whenever you like, from anywhere in the world. You can access ZIO by logging onto: