About Cookies

Cookies are tiny files that a website can store on your browser to remember information about you. They’re useful for things like remembering if you’re logged in, or what pages you’ve previously visited.

There’s two types of cookies. First-party cookies are set by us to make the website work as intended. These cookies are set on our website domain. We also partner with third-parties who may store their own cookies to your browser from their own domain.

We have categorised cookies to give you granular control over the types of cookies our website stores on your browser and these are detailed below.

We regularly scan which cookies we use on the website to be as accurate as possible but you should also be aware that there are cookies which are found in other companies’ internet tools which we are using to enhance the website. These websites have their own cookies, and whilst we’ve made efforts to document them below, these are ultimately controlled by third-parties.